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Vipera   2012-08-17   15:27:17

"I was sad to hear from Margaret Patterson, that my good friend, Stephen 'Hong Kong' Thompson suffered broken vertebrae in Saturday's Ulster GP Supertwin race.
It really made me think, how things can happen to us suddenly. I hope his recovery will be fast!"


Vipera   2012-08-09   11:07:54

"Things change so fast, and force me to make new ideas and decisions! Since Monday morning, I have been doing hard sport life, which contains mostly motocross. I get new, awesome motocross stuff from Auner Hungary, very big thanks for it to Laci Fekete, our relationship reminds our best years!

Thanks to Árpi for the Solymar crosstrack usage, and to Attila for the Piliscsév one. I start to be in good motocross shape again, so we decided to use a bike school with my friend Ádám Tóth! He will be responsible for the cross youngsters, I will pass my knowledge I learned in California, in American Supercamp dirt track school to those road racers, who are not complete strangers to motocross and who respect my results! This turns me on!

Dede Sárkány and my two sponsors: O2 and ArchiBest helps me to get a new bike! The other thing is that with one of my best childhood friends, Károly Balzsay jr. (professional boxing-champion) the relationship is   close again, and he helps me to do fast and high quality box trainings.
It is summer, so I understand my young apprentice's laziness, that they don't often visit my trainings at Starfitness! I don't really care about it, the most important for me is the lot of excercises with Balzsay, and to be fast with my new 450 ccm crossbike!

Of course, I care a lot to lose weight! Yesterday we injured with Matthieu at Piliscsév, his waist was painful to bend, though he was fast the day before that! I overleaped some speedy jumps, and my injured ankle really hurts! Now we both have to lay, I hope in few days we will be OK! As of road racing, I can only think of the next year Isle of Man TT, all the other rides this year with BMW will be nothing but a present with the help of my friend Balázs! Right now I only care about motocross and boxing!



Vipera   2012-08-05   23:10:09

"Krisztián Berki, Hungaran gymnast won gold at the olympics in pommel horse! I shed some tears!
I am very sad about our boxers! Gyula Káté was my special favourite for medals, but it was not succeeded. I really support for the kayak team because of the former olympic champion Gábor "Hori" Horváth.

However, alongside these fine competition of the olympics, I became very disappointed about my beloved sportbranch, the motorcycle racing, when it is teamed up with Hungarian malice! I hated it... When I will be fit again, I will take care only about the road racing and the BSB Stock next season! An Isle of Man TT with a good result would be a great farewell!"


Vipera   2012-08-03   13:49:21

"Yesterday the past myself started to reappear, and it goes on today, even until I reach my goals! No injury sets me back, only the lack of condition and and too much weight. I wake up early and go to sleep early again. It is important for me to save my body between the trainings! Due to the heat, my apprentice and me had to quit motocrossing on the Solymar track.

My friend, Adam Toth prepared to his next race with a style pleasure to watch, but his back injured! I wish him fast recovery!

Yesterday I did jogging on the Hármashatárhegy in the sultry heat, which made me exhausted, and it opened my eyes to see, how many work is waiting for me!

Today we started motocross early in the morning, little rest in the gym, then boxing, cardio, weight-lifting, and, if I have power, running in the afternoon in the nature, in the heat.

Have a nice weekend!"


Vipera   2012-08-02   13:51:09

"The awesome victory of Dániel Gyurta yesterday in 200m breaststroke men was incredibly inspiring for me!  His triumph gave me strength, and showed me the way, that we always have to fight, if we want to make our dreams come true!

Due to my injury and operations I could not do anything worthy, but from now on, strict diet and hard training is awaiting for me! I want to be in a shape I used to!

I would like to congratulate to Dániel Gyurta and to the other sportspeople who represent our nation in London!"


Vipera   2012-07-31   03:46:54

"For the asking of my sponsors and fans, plus the attitude of one of my apprentice's family, I prepare on 150%, so that I can deliver my best as soon as possible! I teach riding if it is needed, for normal money on Pannoniaring!
I can be with my boxing apprentices 4 hours a day, and even if I will not receive start permission for the Macau GP, I start to build my team for next year's Isle of Man TT! I will return to the racetracks that I will be better than ever! 

I do motocross only with my good old friends: Sanya Lanczi, Adam Toth and Norbi Ferencz!



Vipera   2012-07-31   03:21:12

"I cheer for all the Hungarian sportspeople on the Olympic Games! It is the finest competition, the olympic champions were my biggest heroes since my childhood!"


Vipera   2012-07-31   03:20:05

The website of Sandor has just been launched! I hope you will enjoy it!