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Vipera   2013-10-12   03:48:18

My dream came true! Today it became official, the organizers wrote a confirmation, so the boss of Quattro Plant Kawasaki happily sent me a message: "You will be on the grid of the 47th Macau GP with number #77!"

Alongside this, Gary Johnson wrote me an e-mail about the infor required by the organizers for the to-be-printed programme guide. This is unbelievable, as from 2011 Isle of Man, I had nothing but disappointment, but in the recent days I had nothing but positive things, and the Macau GP also proves that I am on the path that is absolutely my world. This is incredible big honor, that I was invited by Macau organizers, and they pay for the travel and accomodation - they consider me to be one of the best 36 road racers in the world. 


Vipera   2013-10-12   03:47:15


Sandor and Balazs

"Yesterday I was released from hospital. I looked really funny there with my handbarbells smiley
It was an honor that DIGI Sport made a footatge of me. Balazs tried his new role as cameraman laugh
The happiness and desparation remained the same. "


Vipera   2013-09-01   20:44:57

Rest in peace, Ago! I will never forget you!

Vipera   2013-09-01   20:40:21

Sandor, sunday morning:

"It is terrible weather here, it is raining heavily! I hope the organizers will make a good decision! I will compete on the race even with my yesterday's drawback for my loved ones, for my friends, and for those who support me!"

Sunday afternoon: 

"I have never been in such a difficult situation! There will be tyre gambling, for sure. All riders are tense who compete only with an 1000cc bike, and especially those, who ride for the first time there, like me! I just want to earn some experience, and avoid crash."

Vipera   2013-08-31   18:24:36

We are happy to announce, that after more than two years, Sandor is competing on a road race again! He competes at the Terlicko road race in the Czech Republic, with a Kawasaki!

After the first qualifying, he wrote this:

"Everything is great here, but it will be hard to go with the fast ones. Our team and the bike are perfect. I have to take big risk. My goal is the top ten at Q2."

His message after second qualifying:

"I had bad luck. Not taking part at the wet training session was a wrong decision. In the last days, I made only wrong decisions. I hope, this one is the last. The most important for me is to stay healthy, and with my ten laps of training to finish in top ten. After that, I will continue my trainings, and to spend quality time with the most important person to me: my sweetheart and mate Gabriella.

Tomorrow's races will be very dangerous without warm-up, for sure."

Vipera   2013-08-26   09:37:29

Happy 42th birthday to Sandor!

Vipera   2013-07-15   12:18:26

Sandor went to the Imola WSBK round with his two fellow H-Moto teammate, Alen Györfi and Balázs Németh. The Michael Hill Promotions made an interview with them.

Editorial notes:

Alen could not start the race, as he had a massive crash at Saturday's FP2.

Balazs Nemeth earned the 29th grid position at Qualifying, and finished 16th on the red-flagged and then restarted race, narrowly missing the point zone.

Vipera   2013-06-28   12:40:01

Last Sunday Sandor took some of his sportsmen friends to a joyride at Hungaroring:

- Gábor Horváth olympic and world champion in kayak
- Ádám Tóth MX Hungarian champion
- Károly Balzsay jr. world champion in boxing

and some of their relatives, plus a reporter from Hungarian sport TV channel DIGI Sport. You can watch the video from the event here, photos and detailed report to follow.

Vipera   2013-06-25   19:50:52

Sandor gave an interview to the DIGI Start, you can watch that here. It is only in Hungarian language, no English subtitles are available, sorry for that.

Vipera   2013-05-18   13:48:08

"I wish a lot of success to the participants of the Hungarian Championship round at Hungaroring, and a crash-free NorthWest 200 to my road racer friends. I start riding bikes on asphalt in a few weeks, until then I have to be OK, both phisically and mentally. 

It pains a lot, that there is no TT for me this year, but I prepare now for the next year's. 

Have a nice weekend!"