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Vipera   2013-12-31   01:35:28

12th November:

We had a busy day today. It was raining, we went to the track at 8 AM. The scrutineering and administration took place today. The scrutineering team was very strict. They spent half an hour with everyone, and four people checked the security equipment on the bikes, plus our leathers, helmet, gloves and boots. Everything was OK at me, except that I forgot my dog tag, but my technicians made a new one for me.
Today all riders were here at last, and we went along the track. We are carried with a bus, and stop at every dangerous and critical points, to analyze them. I was here in 2006 at latest, and I don't remember clearly to all points, and especially that the track is so narrow. It will be a though but exciting race!

Vipera   2013-12-31   01:11:54

After swimming I spent the ninth of November studying Macau GP history by visiting the museum. Here are many winner bikes and cars displayed.

Easton's Kawasaki from 2010 - it still holds the track record


Ron Haslam's bike from the '80s


You can find more pictures in the photo album on the Facebook!

Vipera   2013-11-08   19:11:11

Yesterday was very fine, after five hours of sleep and 24 hours of travel. Unpacking the bikes, building up the box...




Everyhing was great, and I was waiting for the rider's dinner. The old atmosphere of road racers, and that everything was for us, really touched my heart. I had bad luck before dinner. I was the fourth in the hotel, who did not notice a staircase. The Pirelli boss was joking with me, when I fell and my leg got a big load. It broke again... I kindly ask everyone, to support me, but don't panic about me. I consulted with my doctor, and now the situation is the following: I come here to race, so I have to withstand the pain. My leg is broke, but the medical alloy holds it in the place. I don't want to speak more about it. I could go down to the breakfast.

After that, I rested my leg all day, and I waited for the big ceremony. At seven o'clock, a local TV broadcasted as the WTCC drivers and us, bikers had a parade in the city in two different places. We had to rode up to a big stage with fireworks, and we were presented to the fans. 




After this, two bikes from each team were fenced off. The racers had to sit on the bike in leathers, and the fans could hug us and make pictures with us. It was fantastic feeling. It is unbelievable, that I returned to this world again. My leg hurted much, but I am calm as I tried to shift, and I could :) 
So many people support me, so I feel it compulsory to do my best till the end here. 

I can endure everything if I can ride with a bike like this on a race like this :))

For more pictures, visit my Facebook site!

Greetings to everyone,

Vipera   2013-11-08   17:10:10

Tamás Mike had my helmet have a new paint! :)

Vipera   2013-11-08   16:07:43

Many interviews were done with Sandor in the recent times. You can watch them here - they are only in Hungarian langauae

ECHO TV - Széles út - 2013 október 14

Lánchíd Rádió: Kor-kapcsolás - 2013 október 24

SportKlub TV: Dodzsem plusz - 2013. október 30.

Vipera   2013-10-14   11:03:03

This article is currently not available in English.

Vipera   2013-10-12   04:00:45

Everything was prepared by yesterday evening. I am ready to travel today. I think my new equipment is really beautiful. According to the team contract, my leathers must be Berik or Arlen Ness. Their equivalent on Hungarian market is Mugen. The team sponsors and my personal sponsors must be on it. So my fans will not see me in the usual Puma leathers, but in this new one. I think it looks fine. On Saturday I must find a good setup for Macau Grand Prix at the Rockingham test, conquering the pain. I hope everything will be OK. Many people helped me, and I am really grateful for that.


Vipera   2013-10-12   04:00:21

As preparation for the Macau GP, I rode yesterday at Pannoniaring. The most important thing was to be ready for shifting and get used back for bikes to my test at October 12th at Rockingham for my team Quattro Plant. For this, I received huge help from my protegéé Norbert Májer and from Red Line Hungary, which proved me the biking opportunity, this time on a brand new Triumph 675, which is totally unknown for me. Norbi has just arrived from Rijeka, and triumphed on Monday and Tuesday as well, having a nice trophy-lineup. I could clinch a third position at the 600 race - won by Norbert - and we decided to compete on the two hour long endurance race, which we could win. The job was mostly done by Norbert, I rode only 40 minutes from the two hours. Our fore was impressive, but we must admit, that my two cups were earned by a lot of luck, as the field was friendly, but not really strong on the fantastic Phoenix-Superbike track day.

After the race I had to go home immediately. This moring I continued my bicycle trainings, and massage at Starfitness.

I hope that Saturday test at Rockingham will be fine.

Regards: Sandor

Vipera   2013-10-09   17:29:45

1 Michael Rutter GBR SMT Racing (Honda)
2 John McGuinness GBR Honda TT Legends (Honda)
5 Gary Johnson GBR Quattro Plant Motorsports (Honda)
7 Dean Harrison GBR RC Express Racing by MSS Performance (Kawasaki)
8 Roman Stamm SUI Team Bolliger Switzerland (Kawasaki)
10 Mark Miller USA Splitlath Redmond Racing (Honda)
11 Stephen Thompson GBR T&R Motorsport (Suzuki)
12 Ian Lougher GBR ILR / Barnes Racing (Honda)
15 James Storrar GBR DMR Racing (BMW)
17 Nuno Caetano POR KD Team of Portugal (Kawasaki)
18 Lee Johnston GBR East Coast Racing (Honda)
19 Marc Fissette BEL (Suzuki)
20 Dan Cooper GBR DMR Racing (BMW)
22 Horst Saiger AUT (Kawasaki)
26 Didier Grams GER (BMW)
39 Allann-Jon Venter RSA Quattro Plant Motorsports (Kawasaki)
40 Martin Jessopp GBR Riders Motorcycles BMW (BMW)
44 Jamie Hamilton GBR KMR Kawasaki (Kawasaki)
47 Brandon Cretu USA Splitlath Redmond Racing (EBR)
48 Hervé Gantner SUI Penz13.Com BMW Racing Team (BMW)
54 Steve Heneghan IRL Quattro Plant Motorsports (Kawasaki)
55 Dan Kneen IOM Marks Bloom Racing (Suzuki)
57 Jeremy Toye USA Penz13.Com BMW Racing Team (BMW)
60 Ben Wylie GBR Ice Valley by Motorsave Trade (BMW)
68 David Johnson AUS PR Racing (Kawasaki)
69 Paul Shoesmith GBR Ice Valley by Motorsave Trade (BMW)
71 Davy Morgan GBR CSC Racing (Suzuki)
77 Sandor Bitter HUN Quattro Plant Motorsports (Kawasaki)
83 Graham English GBR TIVA Engineering Ltd – Fix Auto Collision (BMW)
111 Brian McCormack IRL TAG Racing (Honda)
114 Andre Pires POR SBK / Incortcar (Suzuki)
115 Steve Mercer GBR TTC 115 (Suzuki)

Vipera   2013-10-12   03:50:08

"Today I spent my time with organization.
But I had other things today, as well. I gave a long interview to the Széles Út (Wide road) Motorcycle Magazine regarding Macau GP in the shirt of my new main sponsor Redline Ltd. I am happy to have them as sponsor, and with little volumen, but the Groomi Trade Ltd. will help my race career, currently for the Macau GP. Big thanks for them! "