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Vipera   2017-04-27   13:55:35

This webpage wasn't updated in a while, only the facebook-page.

But as our beloved Sandor is not with us anymore, there are not much to write about. Nevertheless, I don't intend to close this website, for his memory.


Vipera   2015-09-29   16:15:47

Sandor's final farewell will take place at the Farkasréti cemetery in Budapest, at the Makovecz catafalque room, which lies right next to the main entrance of the cemetery from the Németvölgyi street.

Appointment: 05th October (Monday) 14:30

Vipera   2015-09-29   16:04:53

I haven't updated the webpage for a while. Here I should be writing about the Cookstown 100 and NorthWest 200. That after a mediocre Cookstown performance he put himself to his limits on the practices of NorthWest, and how big crash he had in the first lap of the first Superstock race. But unfortunately I have to write about something else.

As you may have probably heard it, on 08th September 2015, Sandor passed away. sad


Vipera   2015-04-16   11:07:12

This article is not available in English

Vipera   2015-04-16   10:34:15

Superbike Pro: 11th and 12th place

Superbike Cup: Two 1st places! smiley

Detailed results here.

Had a wonderful race in Kirkistown with my team, the T&R Motorsport! I finished at 12nd and 11th in the Superbike Pro, while I won both races of the Irish Superbike Cup! 
My friend and team boss Stephen Thompson finished second in the Superbike Pro. We were both on podium! 

My happy team and my good bike are the most important. Thanks to everyone who help or support me:, Shox SuperZone, Paddock Hotel and Restaurant, Pannonia-Ring, MotomaX, Konasoft, Danger Bike, Mike Airbrush, Polidom, Superbike magazine


Vipera   2015-04-16   10:10:56

First day - arrival:

Everything is OK! I love what I have been doing for a while - racing! I am still very determined, and the positive events just enlarge this! Yesterday evening was very fine after the long flights. Paul Thompsons' hosted me. We spoke a lot, they are lovely people.
It looks like we ride only afternoon, as it is cold and raining here 

Now I go to put the stickers on the bike. On this test we will use the black livery. 

Second day - rainy test:

Today was awesome! I tested the BMW at Kirkistown in pouring rain! I did 55 laps. My team is satisfied, but I don't want to make predictions! 

However, I really like the bike and Thompson's team. I enjoyed this day very much. I will have time to put on the stickers only tomorrow. Friday will see another test, but that time, in dry conditions.

Final testing day:

It was a mixed day. Everything was great, my speed increased a lot in Kirkistown. It was big help that I could ride together with Stephen Thompson. The weather was dry, but there was big wind, and only 7 degrees. These Irish and English riders are very tough, for sure. They are not perplexed by cold or rain. I need to be tougher, too. 
I like that here are no show-business. We all were in one big box, with William Dunlop. Everybody is modest, quiet and incredibly fast. I am happy with everything. 

Vipera   2015-03-02   20:43:29

BMW again, but another team:) : Stephen "Hong Kong" Thompson's team, the T&R Motorsport! I can hardly wait for the first test, and big thanks to everyone who supports me in racing.

Stephen "Hong Kong" Thompson: 
"I'm very happy to have experienced rider Sandor Bitter riding for new team under the T&R Motorsport banner on BMW machinery . Sandor will start testing late March in Ireland, and will complete at some circuit races before heading to the Cookstown road race . He will also head back to the north west 200 in May after a four year break. But most important is the Isle of Man TT, where Sandor hopes to better his lap times and results which I'm sure he will."


Vipera   2015-02-19   20:24:10

We are going with the good people forward! I was so tired after the many arrangements, so I decided to have a rest, so I can continue trainings from tomorrow. The organization is bigger task. But nevermind, this is my life, and it worths all sacrifice. This year I will be at the Cookstown race, after that comes the NorthWest 200 and the TT. According to the rules, I will count as rookie at Cookstown and NorthWest. My association is the Motomax. I will speak about my team later, but I will be there, and that's what matters.


2011 Cookstown 100 - KMR Kawasaki. I will start road races this year here, too.

Vipera   2015-01-03   04:16:39

This article is not available in English

Vipera   2014-11-30   02:02:46

Eightteenth position on the race!

"I had a fantastic race weekend! Second on wet, 18th on the race! The VRS stock Honda was superb, it was perfect on the mountain. Big thanks to you!"

"I am a bit tired:)"


You can watch the entire race on this link!