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Vipera   2014-05-29   18:13:28

May 26th, Monday:

I am over the first day of the training. I was getting familiar with the track and the bike. I had problems with the gearbox, I hope we can fix that today. Sometimes I could not shift to 4th gear. We also modify the shifter's position and have the bike tested on Dynojet. Today I will use the same gearbox like yesterday - if that does not work out, we will have to switch gearbox., or engine. The team is satisfied with my lap time, as this was only the first day, and I also not expected myself to be better, but I know I have to go faster. It is hard to get used to this high speed.

Lap time: 20:02.624 (112.943 mph)

May 27th, Tuesday (before session)

The second practice is about to start. Luckily, the weather is really good. Yesterday a wrong part of the bike was replaced. The engine is 191 HP on Dyno, but the gearbox did not work fine - it switched from 4th gear three times, but now it is fixed. I got a sport tape for my arms, to help me avoiding tension in the muscles.

Lap time: 19.39.213 (115.185 mph)

May 28th, Wednesday: 

Everyone was able to do one lap due to a red-flag triggering crash and the rain.

Lap time: 19:51.109 (114.035 mph)

May 29th, Thursday (before session):

Everything is very hard. I was on a bike only three times this year at Pannoniaring, and that was a 10-year-old, stock-like Honda. After these, organizer Paul Phillips told that my Tuesday's 19:39 is enough to qualify. I could do only five laps, while my newcomer teammate, BSB star Peter Hickman did 11. I did not have a single lap, where my gearbox would work fine. On the first day, from the beginning in the first lap, I lost my 4th gear when I wanted to shift up, plus I could not shift down. This was very dangerous. After the Sulby straight, where I have to shift back to 2nd after 6th fullgas, the bike remained in neutral gear, but I could barely turn in fifth. For Tuesday, we switched engine and I was optimistic. The fourth was OK, but shifting back was problematic. Before the 4 bend corner, and one of my favourite breaking point, I had to turn with empty gear, and in 2nd instead of 4th. I lose 20-30 seconds on every lap. I hope we fix this soon. This is very dangerous not just to me, but to the rider behind me, as well. I could not find a normal breaking point up to now... Yesterday my teammate fell, and he broke his femurs. I wish him fast recovery. My team chef, Shoey also cannot concentrate on his riding. He is much faster actually, than he could perform on the trainings. The team is great. The bike is strong enough, it is me who have to focus. Every day has some bad luck for me. Yesterday, in my first lap I was concentrating on the wet part of the track, as per suggested by Milky. And due to Laurent's crash, the first lap became the only. The zipper of my leathers opened in the fast part after Union Mills, and I had to finish my lap like that... Whatever. This is a giant event, and I cannot understand why we cannot find appropriate sponsors... today will be also hard, as our training starts at 20 o'clock. Track is still wet... tomorrow we will also start this late. My goal is to be 10-15 seconds faster than my best ever (18:48). We will see, what will be. I will do everything. Thanks to everyone, who helped me to compete, and the many support, of course. I am not satisfied with my lap time. Everything must fit. I would like to smile at last. I could not do it until now.