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Vipera   2013-12-31   15:41:07

On November 15th, the day of qualifying saw Ian Hutchinson securing the pole position with his Milwaukee Yamaha (with which Ben Spies won the world superbike title in 2009), after returing from a 18 month hiatus caused by a serious leg injury. He defeated the king of Macau GP, SMT Honda's eight-time winner Michael Rutter. 

Results of the first qualifying:

1.  Michael Rutter   GBR   SMT Racing   2m 25.975s 
2.  John McGuinness   GBR   Honda TT Legends   2m 27.503s 
3.  Martin Jessopp   GBR   Riders Motorcycles BMW   2m 27.567s 
4.  Ian Hutchinson   GBR   Milwaukee Yamaha   2m 28.183s 
5.  James Storrar   GBR   DMR Racing   2m 28.293s 
6.  Jeremy Toye   USA   Penz13.Com BMW Racing Team   2m 28.775s 
7.  Didier Grams   GER   2m 29.045s 
8.  Horst Saiger   AUT   2m 29.263s 
9.  Gary Johnson   GBR   Quattro Plant Motorsports   2m 29.295s 
10.  Stephen Thompson   GBR   T&R Motorsport   2m 30.326s 
11.  Dan Kneen   GBR   Marks Bloom Racing   2m 31.029s 
12.  Lee Johnston   GBR   East Coast Racing   2m 32.023s 
13.  David Johnson   AUS   Lloyd & Jones PR Kawasaki   2m 32.441s 
14.  Roman Stamm   SUI   Team Bolliger Switzerland   2m 33.631s 
15.  Dean Harrison   GBR   RC Express by MSS Performance   2m 33.712s 
16.  Dan Cooper   GBR   DMR Racing   2m 34.261s 
17.  Marc Fissette   BEL   2m 34.527s 
18.  Jamie Hamilton   GBR   VRS Racing Team   2m 34.982s 
19.  Herve Gantner   CHE   Penz13.Com BMW Racing Team   2m 35.467s 
20.  Mark Miller   USA   Splitlath Redmond Racing   2m 35.707s 
21.  Steve Heneghan   IRL   Quattro Plant Motorsports   2m 36.492s 
22.  Davy Morgan   GBR   CSC Racing   2m 36.686s 
23.  Andre Pires   POR   SBK / Incortcar   2m 37.069s 
24.  Sandor Bitter   HUN   Quattro Plant Motorsports   2m 37.467s 
25.  Ian Lougher   GBR   ILR / Barnes Racing   2m 37.539s 
26.  Paul Shoesmith   GBR   Ice Valley by Motorsave Trade   2m 38.493s 
27.  Ben Wylie   GBR   Ice Valley by Motorsave Trade   2m 39.036s 
28.  Allann-Jon Venter   RSA   Quattro Plant Motorsports   2m 39.483s 
29.  Graham English   GBR   TIVA Engineering Ltd   2m 39.562s 
30.  Brian McCormack   IRL   TAG Racing   2m 41.879s 
31.  Brandon Cretu   USA   Splitlath Redmond Racing   2m 41.978s 
32.  Nuno Caetano   POR   KD Team of Portugal   2m 42.763s 

Overall qualifying results:

1. Ian Hutchinson GBR Milwaukee Yamaha 2m 25.568s 
2. Michael Rutter GBR SMT Racing 2m 25.625s 
3. John McGuinness GBR Honda TT Legends 2m 27.447s 
4. Horst Saiger AUT 2m 27.601s 
5. Martin Jessopp GBR Riders Motorcycles BMW 2m 27.800s 
6. Gary Johnson GBR Quattro Plant Motorsports 2m 28.142s 
7. James Storrar GBR DMR Racing 2m 28.437s 
8. Didier Grams GER 2m 28.798s 
9. Jeremy Toye USA Penz13.Com BMW Racing Team 2m 29.320s 
10. Dan Kneen GBR Marks Bloom Racing 2m 29.369s 
11. Lee Johnston GBR East Coast Racing 2m 30.157s 
12. Stephen Thompson GBR T&R Motorsport 2m 30.160s 
13. David Johnson AUS Lloyd & Jones PR Kawasaki 2m 30.652s 
14. Marc Fissette BEL 2m 30.974s 
15. Dean Harrison GBR RC Express by MSS Performance 2m 31.080s 
16. Dan Cooper GBR DMR Racing 2m 31.270s 
17. Herve Gantner CHE Penz13.Com BMW Racing Team 2m 32.297s 
18. Roman Stamm CHE Team Bolliger Switzerland 2m 33.275s 
19. Jamie Hamilton GBR VRS Racing Team 2m 33.374s 
20. Mark Miller USA Splitlath Redmond Racing 2m 34.129s 
21. Davy Morgan GBR CSC Racing 2m 34.139s 
22. Steve Heneghan IRL Quattro Plant Motorsports 2m 34.139s 
23. Andre Pires POR SBK / Incortcar 2m 34.419s 
24. Paul Shoesmith GBR Ice Valley by Motorsave Trade 2m 36.004s 
25. Ian Lougher GBR ILR / Barnes Racing 2m 36.615s 
26. Graham English GBR TIVA Engineering Ltd 2m 37.080s 
27. Sandor Bitter HUN Quattro Plant Motorsports 2m 37.092s 
28. Allann-Jon Venter RSA Quattro Plant Motorsports 2m 37.321s 
29. Brian McCormack IRL TAG Racing 2m 38.959s 
30. Ben Wylie GBR Ice Valley by Motorsave Trade 2m 39.036s 
31. Nuno Caetano POR KD Team of Portugal 2m 39.241s 
32. Brandon Cretu USA Splitlath Redmond Racing 2m 39.332s 


"We woke up at 05:20 very tired, as the qualifying started at 07:30. I expected much, maybe too much from myself after the minor changes on the bike. I wanted to keep my yesterday's position, and be 1.5 seconds faster. I could not achieve this. We altered the suspension to the right way with Gary Johnson, and I kept changing the transmission, until I found the most suitable for me for tomorrow's race. 
From then on, I saw that everyone, except AJ goes with superbike machine, and everyone went with qualifying tyres except us, so I focused on finding the right settings to the race tyres. I did 2:37.092 with hard race tyres, and my ideal lap time according to the sector times is the middle fo 2:36. So, tomorrow, in the battle 2:35 and the top 20 results is possible. My biking condition is fine, and I am not afraid of the long and heavy battle. My leg is like before. It is broken, but id does NOT stop me from racing. Before, and after it it hurts, but I get used to it. Now we are preparing mentally for the tomorrow. I can hardly wait, so that I can have a good race tomorrow."